Zang- & performanceworkshops van internationale Roy Hart-docenten


#3 Edda Heeg - 2-5 February 2023

We are happy to announce that our next workshop will be in February 2023 with the formidable Edda Heeg:

MY VOICE - Edda Heeg

The Roy Hart tradition is based on the premise that every voice has great potential. In this workshop we will dive intensively into the exploration of the voice and its possibilities of expression. 

Through contact with the voice, confidence in one's own personality is strengthened. There is no longer any right or wrong, but only "being in tune with oneself". This is the way to your own artistic expression. Please bring a song or text that you have learned by heart.

Further contents of this workshop:    
• Body and breathing exercises    
• voice training    
• extended voice    
• song interpretation    
• improvisation    
• Singing together     
• Individual work

For further personal information on Edda Heeg, read more here.

DATE: Thu 2- Sun 5 February 2023
TIMES: 10h-13h and 15h-17h 
LUNCH: Included
LOCATION: Amsterdam
PRICE: 425,- euro (0& VAT, including lunch)
REGISTRATION: Use the form below

Watch this video:
Edda Heeg is interviewed on her upcoming workshop MY VOICE

Hear Edda speak on what we will we learn, what Roy Hart work is and who can join.


Workshop #2 – Kevin Crawford – vr 29 nov- zo 1dec
VOICE: from sound to song and text.

This workshop aims to introduce students to a vibrant approach to the voice, that opens up vocal potential by focusing on the subtle interplay of body, sound and imagination. Through a playful approach students explore lesser known parts of their voices and learn how this might be useful in creating a richer vocal spectrum that they can apply in diverse fields, including singing, public speaking and the creation of character onstage. No prior musical knowledge is required. It includes.

> In-depth warm up that roots vocal expression in tangible physical sensation and experience
> Stretching vocal stamina and limits whilst respecting the needs of each student
> Introducing extended vocal techniques, including extreme vocal expression, and establishing good practice
> Introducing an approach to text that stimulates and refreshes students’ perception of a text and its embodiment
> Developing partner sensitivity and interdisciplinary integration
> Simple A Capella singing.

Each participant is asked to bring a short text, known by heart, to the workshop. This can be either an extract from a play or poem (in Dutch, English, French, German or Italian). Please bring a copy of your chosen text.

Practical info about the workshop.
*Dates: Fri 29 Nov, Sat 30 Nov, Sun 1 Dec
* Time: 10.00-17.00 with a 1-hour lunch break. 9.30 doors open, with coffee&tea.
* Number of participants: min 8 and max. 14
* Location: Blauwe Zaal, Tugela85, Tugelaweg 85, Amsterdam
* Charge: 395,- p.p. Including lunch
* Register:
* Questions?: (Yinske Silva).

In the masterclasses you will work individually with Kevin for an hour. If you have requests for 2-3p please contact us.

*Dates: Mon 2 Dec, Tue 3 Dec
*Time: You will be planned on one of the 2 dates for a one hour masterclass. Please let us know if you really can’t make a certain time (e.g. during day or evening)
*Location: Roelantstraat 10, Amsterdam.
*Charge: 60,- p.p. *Register:
*Questions?: (Yinske Silva).

ABOUT KEVIN CRAWFORD. Kevin Crawford is a founding member of the Roy Hart Theatre company. He toured extensively with the company for over twenty years, before moving to Ireland, where he was a member of faculty at the School of Drama, Trinity College. In 2001, he was awarded an MA in Voice Studies from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. In 2002, Kevin was appointed Lecturer at the Université d’Artois before joining Accademia dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy, where he directs the MFA in Physical Theatre. Directorial credits include ‘Wolf’s Bride’, ‘The Bacchae’ and ‘Bartholomew Fair’. He wrote and recently performed ‘Montee’ in collaboration with cellist Caroline Boersma: performances in US, Italy and France.

Kevin Crawford has trained with Roy Hart, Marita Gunther, Derek Rossignol, Robert Harvey, Lisa Mayer, Dorothy Hart and Viviane Young.

He speaks English, French and Italian.

Workshop #1 – Zwaantje de Vries – 12-13-14 april 2018

In Zwaantje's workshop you'll dice into the fundamental elements of Roy Hart Theatre voice work supported by movement and dance expression:

– Developing your vocal potential
– Theatrical, dance and musical improvisatie
– Individual work in small groups
– Breathe work and physical exercises to prepare the body to sing
– The art of listening to others and yourself
– Finding the dynamic sources of sound.


The Roy Hart Centre NL is an initiative of Yinske Silva and Zwaan de Vries. Several years ago Yinske, who was already a keen Roy Hart workshop participant, asked Zwaan, who she knew through the Genetic Choir, to start the Roy Hart Centre NL.

Their ideas clicked and so they started organising the first 3-5 day workshops with international Roy Hart teachers. Zwaan contacting her fellow teachers all over the world, Yinske organising the venue and promoting the workshop.

Now Zwaan is artistic leader and Yinske organisational leader. Mejane Bertrand is our coordinator.